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Here's how Pet Sitting and/or Dog walking works

How does Pet Sitting/Dog Walking work?

Look over my website for lots of great info regarding Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

and why you should contact Awesome Pet Care, LLC

To get more info, you can schedule a Meet and Greet. OR

If you need more info, have more questions,

Simply fill out the form under Contact, give me a call, OR send me an email.

Please include all the info noted on the Contact form in your message.

After we discuss your needs for your pets, your location,

and the dates you require services for your pets and possibly other info

We will set up a date and time to meet each other. This is a great time for me and your pets to get more acquainted. We'll also complete the required Pet Info Sheets regarding info about your pet's health, likes, dislikes, routine, feeding info, etc. At this visit you can also help me to become more familiar with your home and where you keep all your pet's items including any items needed for clean up etc.

I will email the required paper work to you so you can get started on filling them out before we have our Meet and Greet. This will enable me to spend more time with you and your pet(s). If you are unable to print these forms, I can also bring them with me to the Meet and Greet.

We will schedule the required amount of visits you need for your pets while you're away. Please let me know when you are leaving (date and time) and when you are expected to return home. where as the schedule for these days can differ from the others. Please keep me informed as to any changes in your dates for the time you will be away.

I require at least 2 ways to enter your home, so in case one does not work I can still get in to care for your pet(s). I require at least one key. Keys are tagged with only your Pet's name and no other info. Many clients have me keep their key for future sits. When not in use all key's are stored in a safe in an undisclosed location. You may also provide a garage code or opener.

Payment for Pet Sits is due in full at the Meet and Greet for all new clients.

Payment for Dog Walking- First week is due in full at the Meet and Greet for all new clients.

I will gladly accept Check or Cash for payment

I will contact you prior to you leaving on your vacation, business trip etc. to confirm your Pet Sit and to see if there have been any changes for your pets or home. If you book your sit weeks ahead, I would prefer to meet your pets again so that they are more comfortable with me entering their home when you are not there.

While you're away I and/or my associates will keep you updated via email or text (whatever you prefer). I prefer that you answer at least one text/email update just so I know you're receiving them.

I will always inform you of any health issues, behavior concerns, or problems with your home etc. in a timely manner as needed.

When you arrive home, I ask that you contact me to let me know that your pets are safe and sound and you too!

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