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Awesome Pet Care, LLC

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

DOG WALKING - Dogs must be 20 pounds or under

Say "Do you wanna go for a walk?" to a dog and most dogs are full of excitement. Tail wagging, legs jumping, excited barking, and some dogs will even get the leash for you!

Walking is beneficial for dogs of any size. It's great for keeping them at a good weight, may leave them less stressed, and may curb destructive behavior. Walking also gives them a chance get out and get some fresh air and sunshine, and of course they love to explore and take in all the scents and smells of the outdoors!

Dog walks always include fresh water and treats

When the weather is dangerous for your pet and walker, your dog(s) will get a potty break then we'll stay inside and play with their toys, play fetch, cuddle etc. 

Drop In Visits- May include short walk for dogs 15 pounds or under

(up to 2 dogs)

30 minutes - $24.00

Add $2.00 per visit for another dog

15 minute Check ins- $16.00

at the discretion of Walker/Sitter

Updates - I will gladly update you by text or email as to how your dog is doing at each visit, and include some adorable photos too!

Special needs/disabilities

We'll always do our best to accommodate your pets needs. We have worked with dogs with numerous different types of needs behavioral and physical.

Sorry, I do not offer SubQ services.  

Payment Options

Cash or Checks gladly accepted.

Prices listed on this site are subject to change.

Ask me about our referral program!

Refer a friend, neighbor, relative etc to Awesome Pet Care, LLC.

When they schedule and pay for at least one visit you will receive one free 30 minute visit for your furry ones!

Additional Holiday fees are not included in free visit

Free visits are given to referring client when new client's visit(s) are completed.


At one time or another we all find ourselves needing someone to help us out with our pets. It may be while we're at work, out of town on business, on vacation etc. Should you find yourself in need of someone to care for your pet when you can't be there for them, you've come to the right place. 

Daily updates-

I will gladly send you an update via text or email to let you know how your pet is doing and I may include photos too- if your pet isn't camera shy!

Sitting services

Play Time, Feeding, Fresh Water, Treats, Potty Time, Poop Scooping, Cuddles, Walking, Litter Box Changing, Clean up, Bedding changes etc. Something special your pet likes/needs...   Just ask!

I will consider all requests in regards to your pet and home.

Other services included

If you are going to be away on vacation or out of town on business or otherwise, I would also be happy to bring in the paper and deliveries, on/off the lights, close/open the blinds/drapes, water your plants, and take garbage/recycling to the curb and bring it in. Some other need?    Just ask!

Pet Sitting ( generally 1-3 pets)

Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs

30 minute visits - $24.00

45 minute visits - $30.00 

60 minute visits- $35.00 

15 minute Check ins- $16.00

Add $2.00 for each additional pet

Need Overnight Care?

I will stay in your home with your pets overnight.

All options may include - breakfast, fresh water, most oral meds, snuggles, potty breaks, play, litter box scooped and/or changed, bedding scooped and/or changed, clean up and lots of praise and attention! If they want to cozy up and sleep next to me, that's fine too!

Fees begin at $85.00 for 10 hours.  For example: 8pm - 6am   Includes breakfast.  Please contact me for a quote and to discuss your needs. I can be somewhat flexible with start and finish times.

Other options for vacation sits:

I also offer a multi visit option (3-4 visits per day) if you feel that you don't need someone to stay overnight in your home with your pet(s).


Early A.M. -Walk or play/Feed/Potty or scoop litter

Mid-day - Walk or play/ Poss. Feed /Potty (15 -30 min. only)

Dinner Time- Walk or play/ Feed/Potty or scoop litter

*Bedtime- 15 min. Potty break only (must be with in a few miles of my home) OR full 30 min visit

Homes with dogs-

* I require a minimum of 3 visits per full day for all vacation sits. Morning, Midday, and Evening

* If your dogs are in crates (1-2 days ONLY) all day please schedule four 30 minute visits per full day

Homes with Cats only-

I require at least one 15 min visit each day. If your cat is more social you may want to consider a 30 minute visit daily.

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