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Interested in Dog Walking or Pet Sitting?

Please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank-you for your interest.  I appreciate your taking a few moments to answer all the questions below so that I may better serve you.

First and Last Name*

Email Address*

Phone-  for mobil and text messages

Vacation Care/Pet Sitting- What dates/days do you need care for your pet(s)? Please include Time you leave/return if possible*

How many visits per day will your pet(s) need? I require a minimum of three 30 minute visits per full day for vacation/business trips, not including the day you leave and return home. I require at least one visit per day for all Cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. 

I cannot offer Every Other Day care for any animal(s).
I no longer offer Vacation Care for dogs in crates unless it's for only two days.

Please provide name, type, size, age, breed/mix for ALL pets in your home*

Weekly Drop In visits for Cats or Dogs - Does not apply to Vacation Pet Sits
How may visits per week? 

Weekly Drop In Visits for Dogs or Cats-  Does not apply to Vacation Pet Sits
What days will you need care for your pets?

Address where care will be provided for your pets?*

City where care will be provided

How did you hear about Awesome Pet Care, LLC?*

Any special needs required for your pet(s) such as administering meds, special diet, behavioral or physical challenges?   I do not offer Subq or pilling cats (unless it can be put in food or a pill pocket)*

For ALL pets- Any history of biting humans, or other pets in the home or outside of your home?   If yes, please explain

My service area is 5 miles from the intersection of Janesville Rd and Hwy 100.  Are you willing to pay an additional service fee if you are outside of my service area?*    Requests outside of my service area will be considered on a case by case. basis.

Behaviors for ALL pets-   Any history of agressive behavior in the past?    Does your pet guard you, another familly member, their toys, another pet, or their food?

What's next?    After I receive your form I will contact you regarding your request.  If I am able to make a reservation for you, we will then set up a Meet and Greet where I will come to your home and meet with you and all your pets.  This way we can get more acquainted, go over any questions or concerns you may have, and you can give me a quick tour of your home.  I will also send you some additional forms for you to fill out regarding each pet and your home.

Would you like a reply by email or text?

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Awesome Pet Care, LLC

Phone/Text: 262-366-0173



Hales Corners, WI

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