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Have you thought of adopting a Rescue dog or cat? These animals can make some of the most wonderful, sweet, loving pets. Knowing you are giving a pet a loving home and a second chance, would make anyone feel good. What your new furry friend gives back to you... so much love!

Do your research first, make sure this pet is a good fit for your family. You may want to consider the size, weight, energy level, grooming needs, and are you willing to adopt a dog with some kind of special need.

Contact your local Cat or Dog Shelters or visit their website and find out what their adoption policies are. You may want to take a look at the cute faces of the pets they have for adoption. Most shelters have Open House or certain adoption hours. Go and take a look and talk to the adoption staff.

People Helping Pets

You can help a dog at a local shelter every time you take your own dog for a walk! It's easy! Find out more about this great program at

Congratulations on your new puppy! Here are some helpful ideas to help you care for your little furry bundle of joy!

Congratulations! You've got a new kitty! Here's some ideas to help you care for your new little fluffy bundle of fur!

Find Awesome Pet Care, LLC on Pinterest. I have lots of boards with info for Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Bunnies, and for Pet Lovers too!

Local Shelters

WI Humane Society-

Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter-

If you have ever lost your precious furry family member(s) it's I hope you never do! But if it should happen, here's a great page on Facebook to help you get the word out or see if someone has found him/her.

All the websites listed above also have helpful information on how you might go about finding your pet.

This page is not intended for advice and the websites on this page are not endorsed by Awesome Pet Care, LLC

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