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You think of them as family. They're your best bud, your little princess, the ones who are always there waiting for you, wagging their tail with excitement when they see you. You want the best for them when you can't be there for them, and that's what we provide. Quality, awesome care, from experienced sitters and walkers.          Bonded , Insured , Experienced, and Certified in Pet First Aid

Dog Walking- I-2 dogs

$22.00 -30 Minute Visit

Walk,ing and/or Play Time, Fresh Water, Treat Time, Potty Time, Clean up, help with carrying out basic training, and lots of praise and special attention 

Add $2.00 for each additional Pet

Check ins- 

$16.00 - 15 Minute Visit

Perfect for dogs who just need to be let out to go potty and strech their legs.  May incude a very short walk.

Add $2.00 for each additional pet


I will happily provide you with an update (report) after each visit for weekly walks and check-ins and Pet Sitting.  Vacation sits will receive at least 2 Updates daily.

Pet Sitting/Vacation Care- 1-3 pets

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters

$22.00 - 30 Minute Visit

$16.00 -15 Minute Visit (good for potty breaks)

.add $2.00 for each additional pet.

Potty Break, Quick Walk/Play time, Fresh Water, Treat Time, Feeding, Clean up, Cuddle Time, and lots of praise and special attention


I stay in your home overnight. Lots of extra special attention for pets who don't like to be alone or have medical needs etc. Fees begin at $80.00 (depends on how many hours I am at your home) *See Services Page for more details

Cat Sitting- 1-3 cats

$22.00 - 30 Minute Visit

recommended for your more social playful cats

$16.00 - 15 Minute Visit

add $2..00 for each additional cat

Play Time, Cuddles, Treats, Feeding, Fresh Water, Litter Box Scooped/Changed, and lots of special attention

Take a look at my wonderful reviews on my website and Google!

Extras included with Pet and Cat Sitting-

Close/Open the drapes/blinds, take out bring in the garbage, water the plants, bring in packages

Service Areas -    

Pet Sits - with in 5 miles of Janesville Rd and Foresthome Ave intersection

Weekly Walks & Check ins- within 3 miles of Janesville Rd and Foresthome Ave

Includes most of these areas:   Hales Corners, Franklin, Muskego, West Allis, Greenfield, Gree​ndale, New Berlin, and Southwest Milwaukee.  

Travel fe​es apply for visits outside of my service area and are limited.   

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